10 Hard Drive Issues and How to Recover From Them

No computer is perfect, and even if there is a perfect one, with time, wear and tear it is bound to bring up some issues, especially to data recovery in Jacksonville the hard drive. Here are 10 Hard Drive issues you may encounter with your hard drive and how to recover your data and resolve them:

  1. Your files can be corrupted if you don’t shut down your computer properly. When your files are damaged, it is usually tough to access the contents. You can solve this matter by running a command prompt and if that doesn’t work, seek professional data recovery help to restore the files.
  2. Manufacturing defects can cause your computer to fail to recognize a hard drive from a different brand. You can resolve this issue by replacing the drive with a compatible one.
  3. Your PC can overheat due to the fan being slow, or the computer may not be well-ventilated. This can cause a lot of damage to the internal systems of your Pc. You prevent that from happening by repairing the fan and the thermal paste.
  4. Virus and malware can infect your files or emails or other data-oriented apps. Installing anti-virus software is the best remedy to combat this situation.
  5. A pure human error may occur when you install wrong operating systems, alter system default settings or move important file locations. Only a pc expert help you solve this problem.
  6. Your files can disappear. This happens when you can find a file or folder from the previous location you had stored it. You can resolve this issue by either checking the rest of the drive’s partitions or the cloud.
  7. When your computer freezes, it is always an indication that something is not right with your hard drive. You can tackle this problem by rebooting your Pc and if the condition persists, taking it to a professional.
  8. Funny sounds from the hard drive compartment is an obvious sign of more critical problems especially when you hear grinding or screeching sounds. Take the machine for repair ASAP!
  9. Bad sectors – a hard drive has the soft and hard sectors. Windows OS or software upgrades can resolve problems in the soft sector. On the other hand, you should look for a comp guru to repair the physically damaged hard sector.
  10. Frequent unexpected shutdowns could also signal a problem in the hard drive that prompts it to go off. Also, you contact an expert to diagnose the problem.


The easiest way to check for problems with your hard drive is by troubleshooting the disks once in a while and taking appropriate measures. However, if an issue persists, there is no

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