Free Must-Have Tools,Bargain-Base

It is always essential that you have tools that can help you fix some emergencies that do not require a technician. Such as editing a photo on your computer, saving your data and even fixing a window problem as well. Well, the good news is there are tools that you can have installed in your computer to fix such issues and are not expensive as well. Let’s look at a must have tools, bargain-basement backup that you can use on your computer.

Fix win.

This is great software that you must have. It requires a space of 500kb and can also run without installation as all required of you is to log in to use it. Fix a win is a tool that helps you fix problems related to windows explorer, the internet, and web connectivity too. What is required of you is to click the icon that is related to the problem that you are experiencing, and in a few minutes, you can troubleshoot the issue. Other services that fix win can offer is scanning your machine for the corrupt files before you start operating with it and it allows you make a system restore point to save your files before making any changes. Therefore download the application, and you won’t regret. The app has been designed for windows 7 and vista, and if you have windows eight, you can as well download fix win2.

• Caliber image editor from paint net.

Are you obsessed with photo editing? Well, this is a tool you should download on your computer. The app has all photo essentials ranging from Photoshop layers, photo effects, and plug- ins. Another advantage of downloading the app is that it is completely free and therefore you don’t spend any money to edit your photos, and you do it at a faster rate as well as caliber image editor is the solution. The app can be used with the computer with Windows XP. Vista, Windows 7 and also net framework 3.5.

• Carbonite online backup.

It is always advisable that you back up your data online such that in the case of anything you will be able to access the information elsewhere. The best app to have for backup is the Carbonite subscription plan. The service is charged per year where you pay fifty dollars to have it installed. Therefore if you want to store your data safe and secure, this is a must tool to have on your computer.

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