Technology of the Future: What 2019 has in Store

Technology in 2019 can reshape the world as we know it. Here are some of the developments we can expect.

  1. Big Data Continues to Rule!

How can big data be used to create value? There are various ways in which this may be done. Big data has the capability of making information usable at a much higher frequency than before. With the amount of data that is available for businesses, a good marketer can use this information for a better marketing effort. Information can be used to achieve this end. When such information is analyzed, it becomes usable to create a base of prospective markets. Another manner in which big data can create value is by adding on to the virtual system. Today almost all information is stored virtually.

Everything can be synchronized by adding not just employee files, but the conversion rates of customers, the success rates of different schemes, the leaves taken by an employee – all on one system. This allows for better analysis and output. All related functions are taken into account. Permutations and combinations that you did not know existed may be the reason for a particular kind of occurrence, say, more sales on a particular weekday. Not only this, it can even be used for bettering management decisions.

  1. 3D Printing

3D printing is not just restricted to marketing for businesses like these. There is a huge market for 3D printing marketing in the mobile world too. Think of games – every day, thousands of people download the new viral game that has become a sensation. But there is little real-life interaction with the games. How can this be remedied? 3D printing technology can help. Think about this – when the player crosses a certain level or completes a particular achievement, he can print out his medal or trophy, customized to his name, achievement, level etc.Wouldn’t this make the game more attractive, more interactive, and give a feeling of ‘realness’? The gaming world provides a huge market for 3D printing marketing. Games could be built around this technology. People would have to cross a certain level to reach the next 3D collectible. Or they could print candy when they unlocked a particular achievement in Candy Crush. There are countless games that include grooming and dolls, marketed primarily for little girls.

  1. RFID

RFID refers to Radio Frequency Identification. It is the technology which allows wireless transfer of data by the use of electromagnetic fields. To put it in layman’s language, RFID includes embedding tags into objects, animals etc and then tracking these tags. There are various industries in which RFID is used and has become essential. One of them is the pharmaceutical industry. Drugs tagged with RFID can be tracked through warehouses. Another industry which uses this is the automobile industry. Cars or other vehicles may be tracked through the assembly line.



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