Top 10 Technological Innovations Of 2018

Each year experiences its technological breakthroughs, 2018 is enjoying several Technological innovations. The top 10 of these innovations include;

i) 3-D Metal Printing

What has been common to most people over the years is 3-D plastic printing which brought ease to photocopying and design. But amazingly, metal fabrication has brought the possibility of 3-D metal printing. This has boosted manufacturing, especially in the small industries since metal parts of any design can be produced at the time of need.

ii) Artificial Embryos

There is a technological breakthrough that restates the process of creating life. This has been worked out by embryologists to produce embryos by use of stem cells only. No sperm. No egg. The cells are gotten from an existing embryo. Researchers say that it could be another way of creating and understanding life from unnatural creation.

iii) Sensing City

At Waterfront district in Toronto, the Alphabet Company which happens to be the ‘mother’ of Google, is in the process of implementing analytics and sensors with the aim of rethinking on how cities are built, administered and lived in. This aims at bringing the cutting edge technology into the urban design to enhance the affordability of smart cities as well as ensuring that they are not only liveable but also environmentally sustainable.

iv) Cloud-based AI services

Those who are in the forefront of steering this include Google, Microsoft, IBM, and Amazon. Their aim is the increase the accessibility to machine learning as well as the general artificial technology to make it more affordable and simple to use. Specialists say that this technology will boost all spheres of economy.

v) Duelling Neural Networks

This is a breakthrough in AI systems which gives a chance for artificial intelligence to come up with images of items it hasn’t seen before. This means AI is given an imagination sense.

vi) Babel Fish earbuds

These earbuds are fitted with the technology of interpreting different languages. This means that two people speaking different languages can talk and understand each other with the aid of the earbud. This technology is in its initial stages.

vii) Zero-carbon Natural Gas

New technology is used to capture carbon given off when natural gas is burnt, evading greenhouse-related emissions while making it possible to create clean energy.

viii) Perfecting Online Privacy

This is done through privacy systems that are Blockchain-based. They bring to the reality the recording and validation of digital transactions while giving them high profile privacy. This reduces theft and fraud.

ix) Genetic Fortune Telling

Analyzing genetic information has been advanced to the level of predicting the possibilities of diseases like cancer or in predicting IQ. The players involved include 23andMe, the Broad Institute Helix, BK Biobank and Myriad Genetics.

x) Materials’ Quantum Leap

IBM has designed a quantum computer that is in seven-qubit. This technology could make designing of various miracle materials including better catalysts for making clean fuels, possible.

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